Celebrating 10 Years Press Release

Spring Concert Home Season #9

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Bernard H. Gaddis
Phone: (818) 749-6477
Website: www.lvdance.org

Join The Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater for a Spectacular Evening of Dance!

Las Vegas, Nevada—The Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater (LVCDT) celebrates 10 years of excellence in the arts with a performance at The Smith Center on Friday, November 11, 2016 at 7:30 pm in Reynolds Hall. The program will headline with the world premiere of Lotus, choreographed by founding director Bernard H. Gaddis known internationally as both a gifted performer and choreographer.

Lotus is inspired by Lee Mulligan’s 1967 painting, Lotus Land. In addition, the LVCDT will include excerpts from their extensive, and acclaimed, dance repertoire.

The LVCDT is renowned for their electrifying performances. Each of the performances this evening promises to showcase the contemporary and classic dance styles of the diverse troupe, as well as their outstanding athleticism.
Tickets are currently on sale either online at www.thesmithcenter.com or by calling The Smith Center at (702) 878-1227.

“My heart soared with emotions so powerful I was surprised. I do not remember ever being so moved when watching a dance performance.”
– Diane Brogan (author) Mom Pow Pop

Ticket Prices: $24 – $79
Curtain time: Friday November 11, 2016 7:30 pm