Continuing the Legacy of Dance Foundation
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • President: Bernard H. Gaddis
    Founding Artistic Director/Executive Director
  • Secretary: Charmaine Hunter
  • Treasurer: Ashley Gezana
  • Director: Eddie Otero

Board Members

  • Dr. Fiona Kelley, Owner, Wuxin Healing Arts Acupuncture
  • Francis Dumont, VP of Design, Leo A. Daly Architecture Firm
  • Marie Tabet, CEO Coordinator for VIP Service, Caesars’ Palace Hotel and Casino
  • Marla Christiansen, Executive Assistant, Boeing Corporation
  • Michael Christiansen, Procurement Specialist, Boeing Corporation
  • Sharon Lopez-Franklin, Executive Assistant, International Gaming Technology
  • Michael Later, Michael Later Law
  • Anne Davis, Anne M. Creative Co.

Steering Committee Members

Jasmine Coca, Catherine Finnegan, Sandra Harvey, Gail Houston, Elliot Meacham, Juan McCallister, Maranda Montgomery, Andelyn Olsen, Gwen Rogers, Layna Sloane, Anne Steele, Holly Tyson, Susan Ulrich, Michael Williams