Board of Directors

  • President: Bernard H. Gaddis, Founding Artistic Director/Executive Director
  • Secretary: Charmaine Hunter
  • Treasurer: Ashley Gezana
  • Director: Eddie Otero

Board Members

  • Dr. Fiona Kelley, Owner, Wuxin Healing Arts Acupuncture
  • Francis Dumont, VP of Design, Leo A. Daly Architecture Firm
  • Marie Tabet, CEO Coordinator for VIP Service, Caesars’ Palace Hotel and Casino
  • Marla Christiansen, Executive Assistant, Boeing Corporation
  • Michael Christiansen, Procurement Specialist, Boeing Corporation
  • Sharon Lopez-Franklin, Executive Assistant, International Gaming Technology
  • Jerry Nadal,Vice President Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil
  • Michael Later, Michael Later Law

Steering Committee Members

  • Jasmine Coca
  • Catherine Finnegan
  • Sandra Harvey
  • Gail Houston
  • Elliot Meacham
  • Juan McCallister
  • Maranda Montgomery
  • Andelyn Olsen
  • Gwen Rogers
  • Layna Sloane
  • Anne Steele
  • Holly Tyson
  • Susan Ulrich
  • Michael Williams